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Setup / Installation

We are developing and testing this framework using Python 3.8, and the following instructions assume a clean environment (virtualenv, conda env, otherwise) for installation. Similarly, we are using ChromeDriver, which must also be present on your system.

Installing Chromedriver

Install a ChromeDriver version appropriate for your OS. The version you choose should match the version of Chrome you have on your system, and should be updated to stay in sync whenever Chrome itself is updated.

On a Mac using Homebrew:

% brew cask install chromedriver

Selenium’s WebDrivers look for executables on $PATH; if chromedriver is installed in a $PATH location, it should fire up just fine.

Installing demodocus-framework and Dependencies

Clone this repository and navigate into it.

% git clone # Requires ssh key
% cd demodocus-framework

Create a Python virtual environment using your environment management tool of choice, e.g. for pyenv, with Python 3.8 installed:

% pyenv virtualenv 3.8 py38-demodocus-framework
% pyenv local py38-demodocus-framework

…or with conda:

% conda create -n py38-demodocus-framework python=3.8
% conda activate py38-demodocus-framework

Install Python dependencies:

% pip install -r requirements.txt

(not for developers) In order to successfully import our package, please navigate to the root directory for this repo and run:

% python install

(for developers) If you would like to be able to actively update the code, use the develop option instead of the install option:

% python develop

This command will install our package demodocusfw so that you can import it as you would with other python packages.

Testing the Installation

Open a python shell (from any directory):

% python

>>> from demodocusfw.user import UserModel
>>> UserModel

You should be able to see the following result with no errors:

<class 'demodocusfw.user.UserModel'>

To verify that everything is installed correctly, run one of our unit tests:

% DEM_RUN_EXTENDED=False python -m unittest demodocusfw/tests/