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Callisto would not work without the software upon which it is built. With the exception of Java, all the items listed below are distributed with Callisto, so they need not be downloaded separately. For more information on about those tools, use the links provided below.


Java v1.5 or greater is required. Java 6 is recommended, except on Macintosh, where Java 5 is recommended.  Callisto has not been tested with Java 7. For instructions on checking your version of Java, see the manual section on installation.


A standoff annotation library implementing the ATLAS framework. A number of changes have been made for Callisto, which have not yet been incorporated back into the project core. The source code for these changes is available from the download page.


An XML parsing library which provides a Document Object Model (dom) view of data. dom4j is used to access various XML files.


A DTD parsing library which is used to help create simple Annotation Tasks.


A logging facility for use by Java applications, Log4j us used by jATLAS.


A regression testing framework in the tradition of XUnit testing.