FHIR Bulk Data Workshop


A video recording is forthcoming.



Please see the Introduction to FHIR Bulk Data Webinar, which introduces the content in this workshop.

Other slide formats

Workshop notebook

The materials for this workshop are in a Jupyter notebook. You can access the notebook as part of this website, or via the raw .ipynb file (open in nbviewer).

The full interactive version of the notebook can be run locally, by running the following sequence of commands in a terminal window, to install and launch the Jupyter environment. Note Python is required to be installed first.

git clone https://github.com/mitre/fhir-for-research.git # Clone this git repository
cd fhir-for-research
python3 -m venv venv/ # Create a Python virtualenv
source venv/bin/activate # Activate the virtualenv
pip install -r requirements.txt # Install dependencies
cd workshops/fhir-bulk-data # Go to this folder
python -m jupyter notebook # Run the Jupyter notebook

A browser window will pop up showing the “fhir-bulk-data” folder in Jupyter. Click on the notebook.ipynb to open it.

JKWS to PEM conversion

This workshop uses https://bulk-data.smarthealthit.org to provide a testing FHIR server. For convenience, this website will generate the public/private keypair in JWKS format. This has to be converted to PEM format for use in Python. This web page can be used to do this.