SMART on FHIR Workshop


A video recording is forthcoming.


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Running the sample app

  1. Download or clone
  2. Open in VSCode (or your editor of choice)
  3. Start a local web server (e.g. VSCode Live Preview extension)
  4. Verify you can open http://localhost:3000/index.html in your browser (it looks like this)
    • Note that you may need to replace 3000 with the port that your local web server runs on
    • If you use the browser-based backup option, the web server will appear in one of the panels in the browser-based editor

Working with the sample app is discussed during the workshop.

SMART EHR Launch workflow

The diagram below appears in the slides, but may be easier to see on this page.

    accTitle: Diagram showing the workflow for a SMART on FHIR EHR launch
    %%{init:{'sequence':{'messageFontSize': 30, 'actorFontSize': 30}}}%%
    participant A as localhost:3000/launch.html
    participant B as
    participant C as localhost:3000/index.html
    participant D as FHIR Server

    B ->> B: Launch triggered via test website
    B ->> A: Launch requested
    A ->> B: Authorization request
    B ->> B: Dummy provider log-in and patient selection
    B ->> C: Authorization granted
    C ->> B: Access token request
    B -->> C: Access token response
    C ->> D: Request Patient
    D -->> C: Response with Patient JSON
    C ->> D: Request MedicationRequests
    D -->> C: Response with MedicationRequest JSON
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