Unfetter is a project designed to help network defenders, cyber security professionals, and decision makers identify and analyze defensive gaps in a more scalable and repeatable way. By featuring the groups[1] and techniques[2] of the ATT&CK™ model combined with the analytics[3], data model[4], and sensors[5] of the Cyber Analytics Repository (CAR), Unfetter offers an opportunity for the community to come together and move beyond indicators toward a behavioral-based methodology.

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Understand the overarching concept behind Unfetter and learn about the releases and capabilities with Getting Started, and our About page.

1: Groups refer to adversaries who may conduct campaigns. They may also be commonly referred to as campaigns or intrusion sets.
2: Techniques refer to the ATT&CK techniques. A technique is a name to define post-access adversary behavior.
3: Analytics refer to pseudocode written to assist computer network defenders in identifying post-access adversary behavior in an environment.
4: Data model refers to a common nomenclature in CAR to define the objects, actions, and fields necessary to link analytics to sensors.
5: Sensors refer to host-based open source or commercially available software or hardware that can be used in combination with analytics to identify post-access adversary behavior.