Chatbot Accessibility Playbook

Play 4.3:
Icon for Design InterfaceDesigning a Chatbot - Interface

The Icon for DeveloperDeveloper, Icon for DesignerDesigner and the Icon for Product OwnerProduct Owner are responsible for creating the interface which allows users to perceive and communicate with the chatbot. This section addresses both the mechanics of user interaction with the chatbot and the appearance of the interactive elements, which communicate their interactivity. Some of these elements may be constrained by the chatbot platform, which is why it’s so important to select an accessible and/or customizable platform to begin with.

You’re ready to move on if you:

  • Support multiple modalities for input and output.
  • Support interaction with AT
  • Use visually clear text and interface
  • Tolerate user errors and input variation
  • Support personalization and configuration
  • Manage conversation pacing
  • Include people with disabilities
  • Follow WCAG guidelines

Table of Contents